“Brand New Day of Hope”

Somerset Medical Center uses Alan Grant’s original song, “Brand New Day of Hope” to help raise awareness and educate cancer patients and their families about emerging technologies in treating cancer.

Words & Music Fundraising Videos

Words & Music produced the new fundraising video for New Jersey’s own Holiday Express, which will be featured at numerous events in the upcoming season, including the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and the Count Basie Theater.

Jersey Awards Gala

Words & Music produced the introductory video for the New Jersey Ad Club’s Annual Jersey Awards gala, starring Artie Pasquale, from The Sopranos.

“The Dark Son”

Denise Lang-Grant’s book, “The Dark Son,” is being featured on Investigation Discovery’s Kids Who Kill series, and “A Call for Justice,” has been featured on Lifetime Movie Network.

“The Good Man”

Alan Grant’s original composition, “The Good Man,” was purchased by the Remington Shaver Corporation as its centerpiece for their new social media and digital media campaign that is promoting a more admirable view of men. It is running…(need to add to...